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Get out of pain. Get back to it.
Live your ideal life forever.


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Get out of pain. Get back to it.
Live your ideal life forever.


Book Your Free 15-Minute Phone Call

A lot of people have pain that limits training and performance, and we don't want you to be one of them.


As an athlete, it is frustrating when pain and injury limit you.

At NorCal Physiotherapy, we understand the athlete's mindset and give a clear path to recovery so you can be confident that your body will support your active lifestyle.

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"I experienced chronic back pain while doing deadlifts and was told by other professionals to just stop lifting. Dr Kauffmann understood my goals and he helped me with my form, strength, and confidence while performing the lift. Now I am able to lift pain-free!
- Emily H

"NorCal Physiotherapy is my go-to for any of my athletic needs. Being a collegiate athlete I frequently run into issues due to the constant stress I put my body under. For me, it is essential to have a physical therapist that I can trust and NorCal Physiotherapy is exactly that."
-Cathi M

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NorCal Physio's 4 Step Approach

To Performing Better Without Pain

Evaluate The Condition & Create A Plan

Effort without a plan is often wasted. Where are you right now and where do you want to go? The answer to that question is the focus of your Physio Eval. 

Ease Your Pain

When the body senses pain, it alters how muscles work, how joints move, and how movement is patterned. Ease the pain so you can not only feel better, but also see what is actually happening.

Fix The Cause

The location of pain is often not the cause of pain. Full resolution can only come when we fix that cause. We now target that cause through corrective exercises, accessory work, and strength training.

Build Resilience & Perform Better

At this point, pain has resolved and injury has healed. We want to maintain that progress and quickly correct anything that pops up. Long-term, life-long results happen now.

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The NorCal Physio Difference

Imagine being able to sit down with your doctor and talk. Talk about your injuries, your concerns, and your goals. Imagine feeling like you're being heard and able to discuss your goals so that this information can be used to create a customized plan to get you results. Then, every single session in your plan being directed at that goal.

Does this sound like the exact thing you want? This is the experience you will get at NorCal Physio.

This is what makes NorCal Physiotherapy different. We believe that taking time to understand why you want to get better helps us focus treatment on what you need.

So what is the NorCal Physio difference?

NorCal Physio is a performance, gym-based Physical Therapy clinic that utilizes individualized, custom, and goal-driven treatment to help active people overcome pain and injury.

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 We answer those questions and provide clarity to your rehab and performance journey.

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Check out our blog to understand our thought process behind our treatment methods.

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NorCal Physiotherapy and Sports Sciences is a private Physical Therapy clinic in Sacramento, California focused on helping you recover from pain and injury and build a resilient body so you can stay active for life.

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