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"Dr. Caleb Kauffmann at NorCal Physiotherapy treats you as an equal, not just a number. I came in with severe shoulder and neck pain after 2 years of no progress. After a few sessions here I’m seeing MAJOR RESULTS and I will remain a client for as long as possible. There is a push when you need it and guidance to ease back when you’re pushing too far. Yes, the office is connected next to a gym but there is absolutely no GYMTIMIDATION. Do yourself a favor and make this review the reason you finally make your healthy lifestyle goals a reality!" 

Anthony C.

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From KNEE and HIP pain while walking to pain free, unrestricted exercise

"When I first saw you, I was having trouble walking. Stepping wrong would put me down for over a week. Yesterday, I played tennis for the first time! Yeah, I'm sore, but I did it!.. I cried the first time I came in, right?? Yeah, I'm sure you get that a lot... People get convinced that they're locked in a space thinking that there's no escape. When you see a change, it's unbelievable."

Neck, shoulder, and arm agony to clearing out an entire house (or three)

"I remember seeing my grandfather have pain in his neck and arm when I was 7 or 8. When this started, I thought life had to be like this for the rest of my life. He was around 70, so I have what, 43 more years of this? After the sessions we have had already, I've cleared out my grandparents' house, broken up concrete, carried appliances, and slept on the floor. There's no way I would have thought 5 weeks ago that I could be doing this right now."

Neck and back pain one year, skiing the next

"When I first saw you, I remember that anything would flare up my neck and back pain. Snow fell off a tree and hit my car - I was flared up for 3 months. I bumped into a doorway - 2 weeks of pain. You showed me a different way to look at pain and medication. I have not taken pain meds for over a year - I don't even carry them around any more. I was able to teach my granddaughter how to ski. I workout every morning. I lift heavy weight. I cycle 20 miles without even thinking about it."

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Dr Caleb Kauffmann has been an amazing asset to assist with any and all of my aches and pains! He has been able to identify the source of both my back and knee pain issues and has worked with me to resolve both issues entirely. If you have any ongoing issues be sure to visit Dr Kauffmann right away!


I can't thank Caleb enough for all of his help! Last year I had my 4th ACL reconstruction and I was having a really hard time with my recovery. I happen to also be a Physical Therapist so I thought that I could do my own rehab but I was not progressing the way I thought I should be. I asked Caleb to help me out and that was such a game changer! He took so much time to evaluate what I had going on and help me get back to CrossFit! If you are having any issues don't hesitate you will not regret going to see him!!!!

-Dr Becki Turner

I had my first session with Dr Kauffmann, about 3-4 weeks before racing the California International Marathon. I had a bunch of aches and pains in my knees and hips. We met up for about 4 sessions and he sent me emails with a list of exercises to complete. I felt like I was back to 100% the week of my race. My aches and pains were gone, I felt healthy and had new strength in my legs that I noticed the weeks leading up to my race. I was able to run a 2:28 marathon at CIM, and I owe it to Dr Kauffmann for helping me stay healthy for my race. Thank you so much!

-Collin Smith

Best Physical Therapy in Sacramento.

Dr Caleb Kauffmann at NorCal Physiotherapy treats you as an equal, not just a number. I came in with severe shoulder and neck pain after two years of no progress. After a few sessions here I am seeing MAJOR RESULTS and I will remain a client for as long as possible. There is a push when you need it and guidance to ease back when you're pushing too far. Yes, the office is connected next to a gym but there is absolutely no GYMTIMIDATION. Do yourself a favor and make this review the reason you finally make your healthy lifestyle goals a reality!

- Anthony C

I was experiencing pain on my back and neck for years, visited multiple clinics and they did some work but did not help me with the pain at all. But luckily I met Caleb. After the first visit with Caleb I really feel the pain never existed, he is very talented. The best Physiotherapy in Sacramento.

NorCal Physiotherapy is my go-to for any of my athletic needs. I have been going to see Caleb for almost 4 years now, and he has always been able to fix not only my injury but address future problems I may encounter. Caleb gives me ample time each session (unlike other therapy treatments) and has given me treatments that are specific for my needs.

Being a collegiate athlete I frequently run into issues due to the constant stress I put my body under. For me, it is essential to have a Physical Therapist that I can trust and NorCal Physiotherapy is exactly that company / therapist.

-Cathilynn Mcintosh

I experienced chronic back pain while doing deadlifts and was told by other professionals to just stop lifting. Dr Kauffmann understood my goals and he helped me with my form, strength, and confidence while performing the lift. Now I am able to lift pain-free! Thank you!

-Emily Hunn

Caleb is great to work with! He has helped me quite a bit with my mobility by giving me easy to do exercises. My neck and upper thoracic mobility was extremely limited when I started seeing him. It's much better now thanks to the cupping treatment and mobility exercises. Caleb has also helped me improve my deadlift form by having me go through progression movements. I am grateful for all the progress I have made. I highly recommend Caleb!

-Andrea Barton

Caleb's therapy was great! I suffered from severe headaches and neck pain. After seeing Caleb, I saw an instant relief that has lasted longer than any other therapy I've had previously. After his therapy treatments, I have been able to get good night's rest and get back on the basketball court.

-Alexus Green-Tillman

Caleb is a LIFESAVER! I've been doing sports since before I can remember and when I tore my ACL this January it was absolutely devastating. The day I started walking after 7 weeks on crutches without any Physical Therapy, I had a very serious limp and muscle spasms every couple of minutes. After realizing my care wasn't being taken as seriously as I would have hoped, I decided to branch out and had heard some good things about Caleb. Sure enough after about 3 weeks my limp was already almost gone and I was able to walk daily without muscle spasms. Now 7 months post-op I can squat 165 pounds and deadlift 165 as well. I can run laps around the track regularly and I'm on track to go back into sports in November! Couldn't have done it without him and his expertise and I'm thankful that he always made me feel understood and heard in what I wanted to do with my sports career. Caleb is the best PT out there for athletes ready to return to sport as fluidly and efficiently as possible

- Victorugo Rodriguez

Thank God I found Caleb and NorCal Physiotherapy! I had a torn rotator cuff and bicep and had full reconstructive surgery 3 months ago. My Physical Therapy through Kaiser was a joke, did exercise at home at a snail pace and they scared me to do anything else. After 3 months I was feeling annoyed with my progress, literally had severe atrophy and no muscle and not able to use the arm after 3 months. I was in great shape before the surgery too, so feeling discouraged that I wouldn't be working out anytime soon! So I went to find someone who could help get me back to normal quicker. Thankfully I found this place. I've had 3 sessions and in about a week it's pretty incredible what Caleb has done. My mobility and range of motion is incredible, he's teaching me exercises that are actually working and training me to know what's enough. He's always available for question and really knows his stuff! I'm going to be using him for maintenance after we are done with rehab. Anyhow this place is top-notch and I highly recommend this business. Thank you Caleb!!!

- Justine Jimenez

About a year and a half ago, I started experiencing daily headaches. I would typically wake with a mild headache, and a few times a week would be in extreme pain by the end of the day. Any strenuous activity made it worse. After an inconclusive MRI, I was offered daily medication that may or may not have helped. I was beginning to accept that I would likely never find a solution, but the first time I spoke to Caleb about my symptoms, he was optimistic that cupping treatments would be helpful in treating my frequent headaches. And I am so happy to say that the treatments help tremendously! The frequency of my headaches has reduced drastically, and I'm no longer experiencing weekly migraines. I have mobility back in my neck, and am able to participate in day to day activities without fears that I'll end up in severe pain. If you are experiencing headaches that are interfering with your quality of life, I highly recommend giving Caleb a call.

-Annie Farrell

Dr Kauffmann worked wonders on my knee! He is very patient, listens well, and gave me the program to get back on track and pain-free! I have been to Physical Therapy before and usually felt rushed but that was not my experience with Dr Kauffmann. Each session he incorporated new activities into my program but was very careful and aware of my pain level at each step. I highly recommend him for a great experience and results from a Physical Therapist!!

-Lindsay Metzinger

After a long flight from Michigan to California with a sinus infection, I had some neck and back pain and some general overall stiffness. After my visit with Dr Kaufman I was able to finish my vacation pain free!

- Marissa Sevigne

I was having severe pain on the right side of my jaw with chewing and yawning. In addition to the pain, there was also some clicking and shifting in my jaw when I attempted to open my mouth past a certain point. Caleb worked on my jaw and neck and as soon as the treatment was over I felt so much better! The pain was gone and the shifting in my jaw decreased tremendously after just the first treatment!

-Raquel Lopez

First Physio I've ever gone to and I have to say the man doesn't disappoint. His hands-on approach with soft tissue work, exercise selection, and explanations are all exceptional. He's with you every step of the way and tailors the recovery plan to your goals. I've had hip neck tightness for many years and after a few sessions they've drastically improved. His prices are reasonable and after the initial visit I had one of his treatment packages for 6 more sessions. Dr Caleb is very professional and has great attention to detail I would highly recommend him to everyone.

- Keith Z

Just saw Dr Caleb this morning after car accident 3 days ago because of persistent headaches, neck pain, fatigue, stiff neck, and restlessness while trying to sleep. He very quickly and efficiently diagnosed whiplash but nothing extreme. Using some spinal manipulation and massage, he was easily able to achieve some immediate relief in the neck and lessen the headache. As an added step to my care he asked about my shoulders. He then performed some light scraping followed by cupping to help with muscle relief of a larger area still in connection with the neck trauma sustained in the accident.

Within about 30 minutes, he was extremely helpful in gaining me some relief and also instructed me on follow-up exercises and stretches I could utilize to continue the healing process. I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone with pain, however extreme or acute. I will definitely return for follow-on treatments. Also while I was there, he looked at an old knee injury from college wrestling in which he determined that stiffness in my ankle in conjunction with a weak hamstring were causing some issues in the knee. He also provided me with stretches and exercises to help strengthen and to help with the weakness and pain. I couldn't be more thankful for the thoroughness of the appointment. Thanks doc!

-Lenny M

After several years of struggling with hip issues, I visited countless therapists across different specialties all of which could not help me manage my chronic hip pain. At the time I was 21 and was suffering badly to the point where I could not even workout. Workout after workout I would push myself trying to fight through but eventually got so bad I could not tolerate it any longer. My faith in sports rehab and therapy was somewhat shaky as no one seemed to figure out how to help me. My husband encouraged me to keep looking for someone and eventually I scheduled the meeting with Caleb. His approach was very different and focused on finding the underlying issues causing the hip pain rather than going through the motions of generic exercises. After several sessions and incorporating the things I learned, I started to feel a little better each week, eventually getting to the point where I no longer needed to have recurring sessions. Being able to perform the corrective exercises along with incorporating them into movements in the weight room was a complete game changer for me. Caleb helped me connect the entire puzzle and be able to work out pain free. I've also come to Caleb for shoulder issues in which he's helped me work through as well. I'm so glad I found this clinic and it's honestly allowed me to get my life back and get back into the weight room pain free. If you've bounced from PT to PT, give him a chance to help. He's really compassionate and knowledgeable and it can honestly change your life. I've waited to write this review because I wanted to be completely sure this wasn't just a short-term fix. It's been about over a year since I've been to Caleb for my hip pain. Although I get minor pains every so often, I'm able to manage them on my own using the cues and exercise I learned during my sessions. Thanks Caleb!

-Annette Migidyuk

He's one of the best in the business, great knowledge and communication skills!!

-Isaiah Bailey

When I went to Dr Kauffmann I was recovering from a torn rotator cuff and I had almost no movement in my arm and no strength. Dr Kauffmann helped me gain my full movement back and I am stronger than before my injury. In a short period of time, I was back to playing tennis and loving it even more. I highly recommend seeing Dr Kauffmann. He takes the time to really work on your specific needs for healing and making sure you achieve a full recovery!

-Katie Bourbeau

Dr Caleb gets the actual root of the issue, and is one of the BES doctors aka "healers" I have ever seen. I also appreciate how professional, exceptional his knowledge of the body is with a laid back approach. Also anyone that has a healthy internal sense realizes you get what you pay for and he's worth every penny and is a lovely family man.

-Heather Csontos

Caleb, I am so glad you came to the rescue!! With your knowledgeable, gentle, and ensuring care my son not only doesn't limp anymore, he's lifting weights, running, and has gained his confidence once again!! I cannot thank NorCal Physiotherapy enough for being a phenomenal, conscious, family business. Dr Kauffmann, you are an incredible person, professional, and a man that holds himself to a higher standard of integrity than many healthcare individuals I have encountered. You've made this journey back to recovery seem less challenging, less painful, and fun for both my son and I. Words cannot express fully the incredible feelings evoked observing this recovery process for my child. I am eternally grateful for such a successful outcome. Being a single parent like myself, my child's health and wellness is my primary focus. I'm aware this thankfulness is because of you Dr Caleb and Jessica, you are truly in a league of your own. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!

-Alicia Ramos

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