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The NorCal Physio Difference

Gym-based, Performance Physical Therapy

Who we treat. What we treat. How we treat. Where we treat.

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The NorCal Physio Difference

Imagine being able to sit down with your doctor and talk. Talk about your injuries, your concerns, and your goals. Imagine feeling like you're being heard and able to discuss your goals so that this information can be used to create a customized plan to get you results. Then, every single session in your plan being directed at that goal.

Does this sound like the exact thing you want? This is the experience you will get at NorCal Physio.

This is what makes NorCal Physiotherapy different. We believe that taking time to understand why you want to get better helps us focus treatment on what you need.

So what is the NorCal Physio difference?

NorCal Physio is a performance, gym-based Physical Therapy clinic that utilizes individualized, custom, and goal-driven treatment to help active people overcome pain and injury.

Experience The Difference

How We Are Uniquely Positioned To Help Athletes

Don't be mistaken: this is not your average Physical Therapy Clinic. The experience and treatment you get at NorCal Physiotherapy is unique to us. You won't get this anywhere else.

We did that on purpose. We have been to other clinics - as patients and as Doctors - and it was never a good experience. Here's how we built our clinic specifically to provide physiotherapy for athletes.

Gym Location: Walking up to our clinic, you will notice that we don't look like a typical medical clinic. We are attached to a gym. You are an athlete. We are athletes. Let's work where athletes feel most at home! And yes, we will be using implements in the gym - boxes, rowers, bikes, sleds, barbells, kettlebells, and sandbags are ALL fair game.

1-on-1 Treatment: All sessions - every single one - are with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. You won't work with aids, techs, or assistants. You will also never have a double booked appointment. All attention during each session will be on achieving your goals.

1-hour Sessions: There's a lot to get through in treatment sessions. We have ample time to get everything done in your time frame. Need extra time to understand your exercises? We have time for that. Want to chat about nutrition, workouts, or anything else under the sun? Sure thing! This time is to reach your goals and is customized to what you need most.

24/7 Access To Your Doc: Yes, the PT is directly accessible whenever you need help.

Athletes Treating Athletes: If your goal is to get back to running, strongman competition, Crossfit, or activity in general, then you need to work with someone who understands the importance of exercise. We won't tell you to do anything that we have not done ourselves.



Who We Treat

If you have a body, if you like to move, and if you are willing to put in work to get better, then we will work with you.

We get it, we aren't for everyone. Not everyone wants gym-based, performance Physical Therapy. Because of that, we focus all our attention on a specific group of people.

We work with people who are eager to get back to their previous active lifestyle without pain and without restrictions. If you want to work hard, stop recurring injuries, and get stronger, then you are likely going to be a great fit with us.

Many people who come to us have been to other practitioners - massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, and body work - without any success. You want something other than the standard PT and medical treatment.

What We Treat

We treat a broad range of diagnoses, so our focus is more on "who" than the "what". If we described you in the section above, we can most likely work with you.

The diagnoses we work with include (but definitely NOT limited to):

  • Headaches
  • Concussions
  • Surgery Rehab (ACL, Labral, Biceps tenodesis, Rotator Cuff, Kee/Hip/Shoulder replacement, etc...)
  • Strains & Sprains
  • General Pain (spine, shoulder, elbow, neck, knee, hip, foot, ankle, etc...)

If you got it, we can probably fix it. If not, we can direct you to someone who can.

Regardless of what diagnosis you come in with, our goal is to get you back to 100%. That means return to sport testing, specifically after surgeries. Before you're done with us, we will both be completely confident in your safe and successful return.


How We Treat

Your goal is to get back to your favorite sports and activities without restriction. We can help with that. Our pathway to recovery has 3 steps:

1: Alleviate your pain: Manage your pain so you can move better. During this stage, we utilize a combination of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and corrective exercises

2: Fix the underlying cause: Anyone can relieve pain. But we want long term, lasting improvement. So we need to find and fix the underlying cause of pain. We do this with movement mastery through accessory exercises and strength training.

3: Plan for the future: Again, the goal is long term results. You will become independent with self-management tactics so you can crush this problem again if it ever comes back. At this stage, you will have learned what exercises and movements work best for your specific needs.


Ready to work with us?

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Getting Here

Getting here for the first time can be a bit tricky. 

Here are a few tips to make your first drive here smooth.

The Location

NorCal Physio is located between the Curtis Park and Land Park neighborhoods in Sacramento. We are across the street from Sac City College’s Charles C Hughes stadium, just off Highway 99.

Sacramento traffic can be brutal! So plan ahead to make sure that your appointment starts on time.

The Building

The first thing to remember when arriving is that we are not in a typical Physical Therapy clinic. Rather, we are attached to a gym. So when you pull up, don't look for a medical looking building. 

You want to look for the sign on the building that says “Ethos Strength and Conditioning” – we are inside! The NorCal Physio logo is on the window directly below that.

If available, park in the spaces in front of the roll up door that is open in this picture. Your therapist will meet you at the door for your first visit.

The Gym

We are a gym based, performance Physical Therapy clinic focusing on sports and athletes. That's why we are physically attached to a gym! We have unrestricted access to all equipment in the gym and will use it during your treatment sessions if appropriate.


The Clinic

The clinic treatment room is where the initial evaluation, any hands-on treatment, and a good portion of the corrective exercises will take place.

This is a private space that is closed off from the rest of the gym. This will allow us to focus on you without any distractions.


NorCal Physiotherapy Team

Dr Caleb Kauffmann

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Kauffmann holds not only a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (Liberty University) and Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT, Lynchburg College), but also post-graduate designations in Spinal Manipulation Therapy (Cert SMT, Spinal Manipulation Institute), Dry Needling Therapy (Cert DN, Dry Needling Institute), and Osteopractic Physical Therapy (Dip. Osteopractic, American Academy of Manipulative Therapy). 

Dr. Kauffmann is also fellowship trained (FAAOMPT, American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists), a distinction held by only a small fraction of the profession.

Jessica Kauffmann

Director of Operations

When you call NorCal Physio, Jessica is the first point of contact. She will help dig into what you need help with and tell you exactly how we can help with that. 

Being a busy mom of 3, she understands that life does not stop for pain and that quick pain relief is key to managing the home’s chaos level.

When not chasing around the three boys, she enjoys playing a diverse range of video games including Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption, or Animal Crossing.

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NorCal Physiotherapy and Sports Sciences is a private Physical Therapy clinic in Sacramento, California focused on helping you recover from pain and injury and build a resilient body so you can stay active for life.

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