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Average is not normal


As athletes, we tend to judge ourselves based on what is common, or average. We see other athletes performing a certain way, and we determine if we are performing well. We look at how much weight someone else is lifting, how fast their marathon was, or how long their broad jump is. If we are close, then we get a sense of satisfaction. 

But not only with performance, we tend to do that with pain, injury, and mobility. We use this as a baseline that we consider average. Crossfit Games athletes wear tape and knee braces - must be normal. So we should be able to do that too, right? Because if they're dealing with an injury, then we should expect to also. And besides, everyone at your gym loads up on ibuprofen before and after a workout, so that's just what you expect to do, right?

But this is a terrible way to judge performance, pain, and injury. We shouldn't be judging ourselves off of what other people are doing. We shouldn't accept that average as normal.

Just because alot of people have a problem, does not mean that it is normal. For Example:
-Everybody in CrossFit has shoulder pain
-All runners have knee and calf pain
-If you sit at a desk, you're going to have neck and shoulder pain.

These are just average statements. Sure, the Crossfitters have shoulder pain, runners get knee pain, and the desk workers frequently get neck and shoulder pain. 

BUT, don't just use this as an excuse to do nothing.

Don't say "Everybody in my office has neck and shoulder pain... it's just normal! we all do!" This is a terrible mentality to have. Because once we start saying "this is normal" we stop trying to work on ourselves and just accept it. 

Don't do that. Do this.

If everyone in your CrossFit class has shoulder pain with clean and jerk, for example, be that one person who works on your mobility and stability. Don't accept it as normal.

If you are in a group of runners who always complains about knee and calf pain, be the one who works on hip extension power and I'm going to work on my hip stability.

If you're in an office environment that works for 8 hours/day without moving, be that one person who says "Every hour, I'm going to do my extension exercises to make sure my neck and spine keep moving well."

Be that person. The one trying to make yourself better than average.

In Review: Don't accept problems as normal. Average is not normal. 

Living with pain is not normal. Living with chronic injury is not normal. Being nervous to exercise because you are scared of injury is not normal.

If you want to stop being average and start getting back to normal, NorCal Physio can help. Because sometimes it's hard to know where to start, and that's what we specialize in.

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