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Belted Walks - The BETTER Version Of Banded Monster Walks


Hips feel weak? Get tired quickly? Not "engaging" or "activating" enough? Say no more... give this modified monster walk a shot. 

This simple modification uses a weight lifting belt (or any other belt) and a resistance band to focus on pelvic control and hip stabilization.

It is great as a warm-up for deadlift and squat days. Also, a fantastic way for runners to improve hip stability during reciprocal movement.

Aim for about 50 meters for each direction, split into two so you can give yourself a rest break at the halfway point. Slow and steady is the key with this. Going too fast will cause compensatory movement. But go too slow and you won't be able to make it the entire distance.

We often use these in Physical Therapy sessions as a treatment for low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. Typically, this exercise is in the middle to late stage of rehab and is even used after pain has resolved as a warm-up or as accessory work.

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