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Ankle Sprain Step 3: Integrate Foot & Ankle Control


This is the third in a series of how we treat ankle sprains at NorCal Physio. This step is how to Integrate Foot and Ankle Control. The first two steps are to get it moving and to regain muscle control. Make sure to complete those two steps first before moving on to this one.


So far in your ankle sprain rehab, if you have been following our system, you have been able to get the ankle moving better by decreasing the irritability and swelling and you have been able to regain the muscle control that moves the ankle. 

Cool. You're well on your way to getting back to sport. But you are not quite ready yet.

Here's why:

Any structure needs a good foundation to become stable. In the case of the body, the foundation is the foot. Yes, many of the ankle muscles you already are working on control foot movements; but, if the foot is unstable, the ankle muscles can only compensate to a certain point before they become overwhelmed.

What we work on at this phase of ankle sprain rehab are two things.

First, we teach how to control the arch of the foot with the intrinsic foot muscles. But very often, we see a breakdown in ankle control when focusing on the foot. So the second step in this phase is to ensure that the ankle is controlled while the foot is stable. 

This is a very simple concept but is extremely important. Understanding and mastering this step could be the difference between partial and complete recovery. 


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