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Nervous about deadlifts? Give this a shot - The Belted Deadlift


Deadlifts save lives... That's a fact.  Or atleast they help reduce back pain and improves athletic resilience.

Deadlifts are great for fixing low back pain, strengthening the control and stability of the trunk (ie "core strengthening"), mobilizing the hamstrings, strengthening the hamstrings, learning the hip hinge... you get it - I like deadlifts and think they are the best thing for back pain.

What's that? You want an entire blog post about the benefits of deadlifting? How about 2??
Part 1 | Part 2

Despite deadlifts being one of the most powerful and useful exercises,  one thing I often hear is "I can't deadlift because....". The reasoning is everything from fearing deadlifts and pain in the back with deadlifts to shoulder surgery or just "can't get it right".

Well, your excuses are no longer valid, because this modification changes what you know about deadlifts.

The modification shown in the video above keeps the focus on the hip hinge while eliminating the use of the arms and decreasing the stress through the back.

Reminder: Stress on the back is good and should not be feared, but sometimes it is good to decrease stress.

So, after you watch the video, give this one a shot. You can do it alone as its own exercise, or you can add this modification while you are completing a barbell deadlift for a little extra hip work.

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