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Back to Basics: Low Back Mobility For The Stiff And Sore


We have all been there -

Too much sitting, too much driving, a bad nights sleep.


Too much squatting without warming up. Deadlifts didn’t feel right, but you pushed through them. You felt “off” while running and had some back...

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Nervous about deadlifts? Give this a shot - The Belted Deadlift


Deadlifts save lives... That's a fact.  Or atleast they help reduce back pain and improves athletic resilience.

Deadlifts are great for fixing low back pain, strengthening the control and stability of the trunk (ie "core strengthening"),...

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Why Does My Back Hurt? 2 Areas to Check First.


"Why does my back hurt?" is one of the most frequent questions in my physical therapy clinic. 

I work with a wide range of people who experience back pain and it is always different.

  • Different ages - from high schoolers to grandparents
  • ...
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