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Kettlebell armbar for shoulder stability


 Shoulder stability is extremely important.  Whether you’re an overhead athlete, a crossfit athlete, olympic lifter, jiu jitsu athlete, or a strongman, the shoulders have a huge demand placed on them. Shoulders are by no means neglected in the typical strength and conditioning program, but often times we neglect the end ranges of motion. This exercise, the kettlebell armbar, places demand on the shoulder through the full range of motion in the transverse plane. Here’s the kicker - not only does it improve shoulder stability, but it will also improve shoulder mobility and thoracic mobility.


Who is this for
- Athletes looking for shoulder stability and shoulder strength, shoulder mobility, and thoracic spine mobility.
- Injured athletes with shoulder pain, neck pain, mid back (thoracic) pain, elbow pain, wrist pain.

Tips for doing this exercise well
The biggest key is to make sure the kettlebell stays directly above the shoulder. You’ll have the tendency to lowering the arm toward the hip, so try to avoid that.


Reps and sets
This exercise is not complex at all, so start at a low weight and rep it out. 3 sets of 8-12 reps should be a good place to start. Once easy, increase the weight.

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